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Let’s connect on how we can help leverage Zendesk to improve your Customer Support experience.

Particular. Leading provider of custom Zendesk support solutions.

We’ve developed several Zendesk Chat & Support Plugins as well as custom client extensions across the full Zendesk application Suite. Particular. helps ensure that Customer Support solutions elevate your customer’s experience with your brand as beautifully as your on-line or in-person experience. Great customer experience doesn’t stop at an initial purchase!
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Early Access Programs.

Experts across all of the Zendesk’s Early Access Programs including the new Sunshine open, flexible data platform. Looking for help implementing the latest Profiles & Events API as part of a modern Customer Data Platform (CDP) or trying to figure out how to best utilize the the Custom Objects API to integrate across your Enterprise, let’s chat!

agnoStack Omni-Channel Commerce Plugin.

Provide seamless, commerce-platform agnostic, customer support for orders across all channels by leveraging Zendesk’s Support Suite combined with our agnoStackTM Omni-Channel Commerce Plugin. The industry’s leading solution to improve consumer experiences throughout their full lifecyle with your brand.

Our plugin allows agents to quickly view order history and order details, search orders, lookup orders by customer, and view shipping & payment transaction status. It also allows your customer service team to quickly process payments on behalf of customers, issue refunds and cancellations directly, as well as providing quick re-order and net new order-on-behalf of in a secure, PCI compliant environment!