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Blog Post - Next Generation

Omni-Channel Customer Support

Particular. developed a ground-breaking solution leveraging Moltin’s Commerce Innovation engine combined with the industry leading Zendesk Customer Support solution.

Adam Grohs

As more and more brands have begun to realize the importance of improving customer experience as a key differentiator for growth, many retailers still have less than optimal customer service experiences. At a time when some retailers are shrinking and losing market share, others are expanding rapidly through innovative techniques.

In late 2017, Forrester published a report proving that customer experience leaders grow revenue faster. The findings show that a brands scoring in the top 20% Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) had higher share price growth than a similar portfolio of companies drawn from the bottom 20% of brands and the leaders significantly out-performed the US’ stock market S&P 500 index.

This seems so obvious to us, and has led to designing some amazing digital consumer experiences for leading brands, yet as consumers we were still often left disappointed. We often have issues with online orders and have had many interactions trying to return products or get help fixing issues with those order.

Unified eCommerce Support Interface

Particular. set out to solve these problems for retailers and developed a ground-breaking solution leveraging Moltin’s amazing Commerce Innovation engine combined with the industry leading Zendesk Customer Support solution.

Next Generation Omni-Channel Customer Support

Our solution provides the industry’s best tooling for agents handling eCommerce Support as well as for the consumers of the brands using it. We allow agents to go from flipping between multiple screens and applications re-keying in data while customers wait patiently to one unified experience to handle the majority of their support needs.

Zendesk can really help brands improve their customer service experience by unifying call center support via email, phone, chat and messaging. This solution goes even further to extend their capabilities for making the most common scenarios for supporting eCommerce businesses incredibly easy in one unified interface.

The Particular. Customer Service Solution allows agents to quickly view order history and order details, search orders, lookup orders by customer, and view shipping and payment transaction status. But that’s just the beginning, we’ve also added support to be help agents quickly process payments on behalf of customers, issue refunds and cancellations directly, as well as providing quick re-order and full order-on-behalf of in a visually clean, yet secure, PCI compliant environment!

Upping the experience game for retailers

Adobe commissioned Forrester research to elaborate on their earlier findings specifically for retail brands and found that experience driven brands are 1.4x more likely to benefit from improved customer retention and have a 1.8x increase in year-over-year repeat purchase rate.

The Particular. Customer Support Solution helps reduce overall retailer order return rates and significantly improves the speed of handling customer issues. These lead to significant improvements in customer experience and drive tremendous improvements in NPS scores and brand perception studies around customer satisfaction.

Adam Grohs, Co-Founder and CEO of Particular. noted that "Initial feedback has been incredible. Retailers have expressed tremendous interest in continuing their mission to improve customer experience across all channels, including their customer support initiatives".

Customer support tools in the industry have evolved tremendously in the last decade, but they’re solutions aren’t optimized to handle eCommerce. This is both frustrating as a consumer, but equally frustrating to retailers who are incurring significant additional unnecessary costs servicing their online orders.

"One of the reasons why we love the combination of Moltin and Zendesk is because Moltin’s open architecture to support extensions and create truly innovative new solutions like this," noted Grohs. "For solutions like Particular.’s Customer Support products, having a headless, API-first solutions such as Moltin has allowed innovation at tremendously fast pace to finally solve long standing issues in the industry."

We continue to look for innovative retailers looking to improve their omni-channel customer experiences and would love to schedule a demo.