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Press Release - New Zendesk Commerce Plugin

Seamlessly Integrates Enterprise Commerce Innovation Into Zendesk

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Moltin & Particular. announce native commerce integration for Zendesk to ensure seamless customer service across all customer touchpoints

Boston, Mass, USA - Moltin, provider of the only Headless Commerce Platform for innovators that won’t settle for rigid, cookie-cutter commerce experiences, and Particular., the innovation agency of tomorrow, today, announce a new native Moltin plugin for Zendesk. This new plugin enables organizations using Moltin for their commerce innovation projects to support customers natively within Zendesk, ensuring seamless customer service.

A lot of organizations are wrestling with legacy commerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Hybris, and others that are preventing them from creating cutting-edge consumer experiences and innovating fast enough. As organizations strive to work around their legacy systems to deliver innovation, these new innovation projects can become disconnected from core enterprise operations.

Ensuring that innovation is no longer an offshoot, or tangent, for an enterprise is a core part of Particular.’s mission. "By developing a unified solution within Zendesk, we can help clients bring more innovative commerce experiences to life through Moltin." noted Adam Grohs, Co-Founder and CEO at Particular. "Moltin enables commerce innovation projects in the Enterprise, however, a missing link has been connecting those projects with core Enterprise operations. This new plugin solves that issue, thereby removing one of the primary the barriers to unleashing commerce innovation."

The new native Moltin plugin for Zendesk Support/Chat unites your customer support by displaying commerce data alongside Zendesk ticket information providing a robust Omni-Channel solution. It saves your agents time because they no longer need to switch between Moltin and Zendesk to connect a ticket to an order for service. With just a few clicks, customer service reps can quickly:

  • Look up Order History
  • Look up Order Details
  • Perform a Customer Search
  • Perform a Rapid Re-Order
  • Perform a Catalog Browse/Search
  • Complete an "Order On Behalf Of" Transaction

"The ROI on commerce innovation projects has always been a challenge, especially given the rigid nature of legacy commerce platforms. With uncertain outcomes and long timelines, organizations often feel the pressure to play it safe – which stifles innovation.", said Jamus Driscoll, CEO of Moltin, "Increasingly, organizations large and small are leveraging Moltin to build and deliver innovation projects in a matter of weeks, not months, without needing to rip-and-replace legacy systems. We are very excited about the new native Moltin plugin for Zendesk, which unifies the customer service experience across legacy systems and Moltin."

The new native Moltin integration for Zendesk is currently in beta and is now available for enrollment. Once released into General Availability in the coming months, the integration will be available through the Zendesk Marketplace. To sign-up for the free beta or to learn more about this plugin, please contact info@uniquelyparticular.com.

About Moltin

Moltin provides the only Headless Commerce Platform that is designed with the flexibility and speed to give builders what they want – complete control to build and deliver commerce their way. Hundreds of the world’s most innovative brands and retailers use Moltin to deliver the most innovative consumer experiences imaginable – spanning projects such as modern commerce websites, app-less in-store consumer self checkout, IoT commerce, in-store kiosks, social media commerce, pop-up event POS, voice-enabled commerce, and more. If you are a builder looking to innovate, deliver ROI quickly, and you won’t settle for rigid, cookie-cutter commerce experiences, then Moltin is the right partner for you. To learn more visit Moltin.com.

About Particular.

Headquartered in Miami Beach, FL, with additional offices in Chicago and San Diego, Particular. is a strategy, marketing, creative and technology-services agency delivering guaranteed business results faster and cheaper than anyone else in the industry. The next big disruption could come from anywhere. Particular. has the operational expertise of a consultancy, the creative chops of an agency, the fervor of a technology startup helping clients continually adapt to a new world of uncertainty. For more information please visit www.uniquelyparticular.com.