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Blog Post - THE Premium Shopify Zendesk Integration

Seamlessly connect Zendesk and Shopify, providing un-paralleled capabilities to grow faster and improve your customer's post-purchase experience.

Adam Grohs

agnoStack's Shopify Premium for Zendesk integration provides the only true enterprise Shopify for Zendesk integration between Shopify and Zendesk!

It brings rich, transactional commerce support to improve agent efficiency and eliminate the dreaded "swivel chair" of switching systems by having information of customers, orders, payments, and shipping available directly inside Zendesk. agnoStack empowers agents to take direct action on support tickets by issuing refunds, cancellations, new orders, and more.

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2027 (in billions)

This new standalone Shopify Premium for Zendesk application includes the rich Zendesk Commerce functionality including: Order Search, Advanced Gift Card Management, Order Insights, Multi-Tender Refunds, Integrated Customer Insights, Advanced Macros, Integrated Reminders, Order & Customer Watchlists, CartCollab(SM) - and much much more.

Your agents likely spend much of their day playing “swivel chair” between your eCommerce, customer support, shipping, payment and loyalty platforms. The explosion of online sales is being compounded by a nearly 1.5x rise in return rates - and this combined hyper-growth of sales with the exponential number of post-purchase inquiries (along with crippling post-COVID labor shortages) has created the perfect storm of opportunity.

How you handle processing returns, issuing refunds, checking on order status, modifying orders (and more) defines not just your post-purchase experience, but the entirety of your customer's experience - and can be the difference between a one-time purchase and a lifetime loyal customer!

Key Zendesk Features for Shopify

  • Instantaneously search/sort/filter to find orders and customers
  • View order and line item details (product name, sku, modifiers, price, quantity, row total, etc.)
  • Real-time shipping, billing, and payment status'
  • Issue full, partial, custom, and line item refunds
  • Easily modify as well as cancel unshipped orders
  • Create net new orders and rapidly replicate an order to help a customer re-order
  • Macro Snippets and Advanced Macros to personalize responses containing order, shipping and billing data!

Connect your Shopify and Zendesk Integrations Today!

With the Shopify Zendesk eCommerce integration by agnoStack, your agents will have all your Shopify information they need easily accessible directly in Zendesk. Stop tab switching and save time for both your agents and their customers with a single solution.

Don't let customer experience stop at checkout. Stay engaged with customers through the entire journey to differentiate your brand by providing the best-in-class post-purchase experience leveraging the agnoStack Commerce Plugin for Zendesk, Premium Shopify for Zendesk, BigCommerce by agnoStack, and commercetools by agnoStack apps.