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Blog Post - The Post-Purchase Experience Engine: agnoStack

While everyone talks about the historic pace of eCommerce growth, enormous opportunity lies in the even more staggering growth of customer service requests.

Adam Grohs

Online sales are growing at a faster pace than ever, and brands have finally begun to truly embrace a customer-first approach. Consumers are more willing to buy new products via new channels and are taking chances to try new brands at unprecedented rates. And, whether it’s the Shark Tank effect, Shopify’s ease of getting started, or just a rise in entrepreneurial spirit, more people are starting more companies today than ever in the history of the world. Last year alone, online sales saw a staggering 44% plus increase.

But while everyone talks about the historic pace of eCommerce growth, there lies enormous opportunity in the inextricably linked, and even more staggering growth, of customer service requests, returns to process and refunds to issue. The "post-purchase experience" is the biggest opportunity to diffentiate your brand. What happens post-purchase is even more important to retention and customer loyalty than the customer experience of youe eCommerce site.

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2027 (in billions)

How you handle processing returns, issuing refunds, checking on order status, modifying orders (and more) defines not just your post-purchase experience, but the entirety of your customer's experience - and can be the difference between a one-time purchase and a lifetime loyal customer!

Your agents likely spend most of their day playing “swivel chair” between you eCommerce, customer support, shipping, payment and loyalty platforms. The explosion of online sales is being compounded by a nearly 1.5x rise in return rates - and this combined hyper-growth of sales with the exponential number of post-purchase inquiries (along with crippling post-COVID labor shortages) has created the perfect storm of opportunity.

Customer experience doesn’t stop at checkout!

With nearly 1 of every 5 orders now being returned in eCommerce, the pressure for businesses to deliver a seamless, positive end-to-end experience is paramount. It is not enough to just to fend off customers purchasing from your competitors, but the bar of amazing post-purchase experience is being set by some of the large brands in the world such as Amazon.

Particular. has launched agnoStack as the industry's best solution to allows retailers to provide truly exceptional post-purchase experiences that can differentiate your brand. Zendesk Commerce by agnoStack provides a huge advantage over competitive tools like Gorgias, re:amaze, RichPanel, HappyFox and many others. See how Zendesk Commerce compares to Gorgias with a head-to-head feature comparison.

Shipping & Payments

Shipping and payment tracking can be extremely variable. Sudden storms or transactional issues can halt orders, causing anxiety and confusion for customers. Turn a bad experience around by providing agents direct access to real-time shipping & payment status as well as the ability to pin an order to a ticket to save it in case the issue needs to get escalated or they need to get to a customer at a later time!

Order Details

Other common items an agents may use for support include detailed line item order contents, inventory levels and access to catalog data including variations/options purchased as well as product imagery and description. agnoStack brings in rich catalog data including all options, modifiers, variations, engraving and more right into the Order Details screen.

Accessing Order Notes and Order Events can help an agent quickly see the context of what's happened before a ticket has been created. agnoStack provides our uniqued, fully unified Order Timeline containing a rich history of all Order, Payment, Shipping as well Ticket related events in one single chronological view.

  • Immediate access to customer insights
  • Effortlessly find order, shipping, and payment details
  • Directly modify, refund, and create orders

Don't let customer experience stop at checkout. Stay engaged with customers through the entire journey to differentiate your brand by providing the best-in-class post-purchase experience leveraging the agnoStack Commerce Plugin for Zendesk, BigCommerce by agnoStack, and commercetools by agnoStack apps.